THE ACFT Program
THE ACFT Program
THE ACFT Program
THE ACFT Program
THE ACFT Program
THE ACFT Program
THE ACFT Program

THE ACFT Program

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The ACFT Program

Need that training plan to get you through your Army Combat Fitness Test?

Or are you looking to completely change up your training and become a more well-rounded athlete? 

Designed with the ACFT in mind this program is perfect for those of you with Army aspirations, or if you are just getting tired of the same old powerlifting programs time and time again.

In this program, you will cover all your bases (strength training, running, ACFT specific events) to build well-rounded fitness to pass your test or build a stronger more athletic body.

Here’s What You Get:

  1. 12 Weeks of Strength and Conditioning Programming Designed to help you pass the ACFT 
  2. 4 Strength Training Days Per Week 
  3. Running Protocol to Pass the 2 mile Run 
  4. Training Specific to the Exact Exercises seen in the ACFT


It's often requested that our team jump on a call to help kick off your program, run through your goals, and answer questions.

Now, you can select to kick off your program with a call from our team.

It's simple. Make the selection above and we'll get to work.

On the call

  1. We'll review your goals
  2. Answer your questions pertaining to programming
  3. It's your call.

*These calls are not meant to be consulting calls for business. There are other options for this here.